Reseller Hosting isn’t just for Resellers


We recently had a customer send in a support ticket with a question along the lines of “If I have multiple domains, do I need to buy a separate web hosting plan for each?”.

The answer of course is no. Many of our customers have multiple domain names, and so our packages are created with that in mind. If you have a portfolio of websites, our shared hosting plans do allow you to add additional ‘add-on’ domains. However, this can be insecure as you only have one login, meaning if someone gains access to your cPanel account, they will have control over however many domains you have on that account. You may also find that your public_html directory gets complicated and confusing, so we recommend Reseller/VPS accounts for this purpose.

If you sign up for a Reseller account, you’ll be given a main administrator (root) user account with which you can login to WebHostManager and create as many end-user cPanel accounts as you like (limited to 50 with Reseller Light). Although standard Shared hosting supports ‘add-on’ domains, these are all under one login and so you don’t have the same flexibility.

Creating individual cPanel accounts for each domain is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • Security – Each website has a unique login and if one cPanel account is compromised, the rest of your accounts will be safe (as long as your root account is still secure).
  • Organization – As each account has a separate root directory, files are organised and you will find it easier and quicker to navigate.
  • Manageability – Rather than having to login to many separate cPanel accounts when you wish to edit content on each website, you can instead simply view a list of your cPanel accounts within the WHM root account and click on the cPanel logo next to each to be automatically logged in.
  • Ownership – If you decide to sell a website at some point, rather than having to transfer over many files, you can instead simply change the username and password and hand over that cPanel account to the person you have sold the website to.

To a degree, you could think of our Reseller plans as a bridge between Shared and VPS hosting. You have increased capacity, the benefit of being able to create cPanel accounts, but without having to do the maintenance and security tasks associated with a VPS.

If you’re interested in our Reseller plans, click here for more information and a comparison.

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